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YouTube Naughty or Nice List?

Were You Naughty Or Nice This Seaon 5 Break?

Did you make the Cut?

So you have been on YouTube all Season Break. Have you been watching your fav. Video’s? Leaving Nice Comments on Freinds and Strangers Pages? Maybe Making some Great Video’s of Your Own?

All Break I have been making video’s and also making some great friends on YouTube. I have seen some very creative and even inspiring video’s.

I have also seen a very dark side to the YT Fan base of LOST Crazed Vidders and it can get pretty ugly. I have seen people who leave nasty comments about a charater or the actor playing the charater. Harsh words have been exchanged and even saying cruel things about the vidder and the vidder’s family.

It seemed to me as if you were not someones’ friend you were the enemy? Do we not have a middle ground? Can we not like more than one couple? More than one charater? It’s almost like I am waiting to see the Team JATE and Team SKATE shirts for sale on Ebay?

I have even seen people block accounts and then write horrible things about the blocked user, not giving them a chance to defend themself. I have seen screen names in YT that are lets all hate(Character Name) or even screen name.

Is this just a part of being active in the YouTube Community? What are your Thoughts and or you encounter’s with YouTube LOST FANS Good or Bad?

If Your On the NICE LIST make sure to Type it after your screen name, also if you are Naughty!!!