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LOST-The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Durring this very LONG Season 5 waiting period. All of the You Tube Lost Fan Vidders were making some great video’s. Ome for Fun, some for school projects. Most just out of being board stiff! We have had some contestes and even some You Tube People in knock out fights over who’s better “Jate” or “Skate”? Even to go as far as to have a New “Jacket” and Even “Jawyer” Fans!

I did ALOT and I mean ALOT of reading on people’s YouTube Pages and also on the video comment boxes.I found some great fightes and some just mean people, but on the other side I did find some very nice people and some very talented and kind people along my YouTube Journey. Here are some Video’s, Vidders and the good the bad and the ugly to a LOST Seson 5 waiting period.


Sawyer and Kate Video’s

Jack and Kate Video’s

Jack and Juliet Video’s